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Classic Cage

The Classic cage is our original design, custom sized and printed in a tough biomedical resin designed for long term skin contact that all allows for comfortable and safe long term wear

Pictures are of a standard model. Yours will be sized differently depending
on your measurements

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Please carefully consult the measurements guide before placing your order



In keeping with ChastityTech's mission, all our cages are custom made, each one designed and printed according to your specific measurements to ensure that elusive, perfect fit.

The Classic Cage also features personalized text emblazoned directly on the head so your key holder can make sure you never forget this message ;)


After many design iterations The Classic cage has evolved to provide maximum comfort for long term wear.

All openings are surrounded by a raised lip to prevent pinching while still providing access to clean.

An internal lip behind the head portion of the cage also prevents unwanted movement(with the added bonus of making pulling out while locked more challenging).

The openings on the top of the cage are also strategically placed over the most stretched area of skin to minimize edema(a common chastity problem in which skins stays swelled out of an opening following an erection). 



Our cages are printed in one seamless piece from a medical grade resin designed for long term skin contact. Additionally, the material boasts high overall toughness, low water absorption, and high heat resistance, giving you the peace of mind that your member is safe and secure right where it belongs.

Read more about the material used to make our cages here

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