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What material is the chastity cage made out of?

Our cages are printed in a medical grade resin designed for long term skin contact. The material has a high overall toughness, low water absorption, and high heat resistance.

Read more about the material used to make our cages here

How are the cages colored?

The cages are colored by dyeing them with a non-toxic fabric dye. The material absorbs this dye very well so there is no bleeding of color; i.e., they will not dye your skin or clothes.

Is ordering discrete?

Yes. Charges will show up on your account as "ctech" and we ship in packages that are completely plain white on the outside

How do I put my cage on?

Due to our devices being custom, they will fit snugly and as a result often cannot be easily slid on. By far the most effective way to don a cage is to use the "stocking method". There are many videos online showing how this works. Our volunteers have also found that a baby wipe works well if you do not have easy access to a stocking. The process essentially involves pushing the material through the cage, placing your head into the opening, and pulling the material out through the urethral opening of the cage, thereby pulling your penis into the device. Alternatively, lots of lube and a Q-tip pushing through the slots in the cage has worked for some people.

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