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  • Due to the huge range of customizations, our cages are all print to order. This production process usually takes about 2 - 3 weeks but in rare cases can take longer if a reprint is required due to a QA issue. From there it just depends on shipping which will depend on if you live in the U.S. or abroad. 

    Once you place an order you will receive a link to keep track of your order's progress.

  • Yes, all of our boxes are packaged in plain mailer bags and all charges will show up as "ctech".

  • Yes! We currently ship to over 50 countries outside of the United States. All international shipping is a flat rate of $15. Please see our shipping policy for more information.

  • ChastityTech cages are 3D printed in a material called Nylon PA12. This is a strong, rigid plastic that is certified to be biocompatible. For more information please see the material datasheet

  • ChastityTech cages are dyed using Rit ProLine Dye, a non-toxic dye typically used for dyeing clothes. See more information on their site here

    Please note that some excess dye may rub off of new cages. This is most noticeable on cages dyed black.

  • The cage is not. We have found that in order for a cage to fit properly it needs to be shorter than your actual flaccid length. In addition to this, the circumference of the cage is not constant, it varies along the length which among other things allows the cage to be put on more easily and hold the head in place. This is why it is important to enter your measurements accurately as the parametric model is designed to take all of these factors into account while generating a cage to perfectly fit your size. 

    The ring on the other hand, is true to size for the entered circumference and gap measurements. 

  • The locking components on all rings and cages are the same so while you could fit any two pieces together, the gap size is dependent on both the ring and the cage to some degree. If you fit two random pieces together, the gap size will be undetermined.

    This raises the question if you have to order a new ring if you just want to get a new cage piece. As you may be able to tell while generating your ring model, the gap size is accommodated in the curved shape of the ring, and in order to correctly calculate this curve, some information on the cage is required. Namely the circumference of the cage and whether or not the cage's length is greater than 40mm, or less than or equal to 40mm. Knowing the circumference of the cage may seem like an obvious necessity, but the length of the cage is also needed as the way the cage is shaped for lengths less than or equal to 40mm is different than at greater lengths. Therefore, for a given ring, if these two factors for the accompanying cage are unchanged, then the gap size will still be accurate and you will not need a new ring. In practice, this means that you can only change the accompanying cage piece's length within a certain range. If it crosses over the 40mm mark or the circumference changes, then you would have to get a new ring piece as well in order to have a correct gap size. However, as noted on the measurements page, a slightly off gap size will certainly not render the whole assembly unwearable.

    If you just need a new ring then none of this will be an issue as the gap size is only factored into the shape of the ring piece and as stated above, the size of the lock components is independent of any measurements.

  • We offer a wide range of sizes in 5mm increments so virtually everyone should be able to find a size that works for them. However, if you find yourself right in between sizes, we always recommend rounding down as it is far more common to overestimate than underestimate your size.

  • ChastityTech cages are designed to fit snugly which can sometimes make getting the cage on properly difficult. We ship a small piece of fabric with all our cages to assist in this process and have made a short video explaining how to use it which you can watch here

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