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Model F

The Model F chastity cage, our flagship design, has evolved over countless iterations to provide maximum comfort and security.

Simply input your measurements and the parametric model will generate your perfect cage. We then 3D print each cage in tough, biocompatible plastic.

The shape of the locking components along with the integrated barrel lock allows the ring and cage to be nested tightly together, giving the whole cage an extremely low profile for discrete wear

The head portion of the cage is perfectly shaped to comfortably cradle the glans, holding it in place for easy urination. The open design allows for small readjustments while still protecting your sensitive bits from friction and pinching


Low Profile

Ergonomic Shape

The Model F features a ring designed to sit directly behind your glans. This helps hold you firmly in place, preventing turtling and helps to discourage cheating.

Unlike with many other cages, this headlock is non-circular, molded to the irregular shape of the glans in order to provide one of the most secure fits on the market

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