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Correctly measuring your member is absolutely vital to get a well fitting cage. Follow the guide on this page as best you can to get an accurate number for each required measurement. Before you begin here are some notes to keep in mind​​​


The shaft length.

Using a ruler, NOT a measuring tape or a similar non-rigid tool, hold the measuring stick against your pubic mound without pressing it into your body. Then measure from that starting point to the tip of your head while holding your shaft firmly straight out from your body without stretching it.


The shaft circumference.

Using a string, shoelace, or similar instrument wrap the fabric around the thickest point of your shaft. Do not squeeze it or let there be any slack. Try and capture the natural circumference as best you can. Then, carefully marking where the fabric met, unwrap and measure the marked length. A piece of measuring tape can also be used here in place of string and may make measuring easier.


The ring circumference.

This is unfortunately very difficult to measure perfectly and knowing what ring size works best for you is more likely to come from experience and some trial and error. However, this method can be used to obtain a fairly decent ballpark.

Once again, using a string, shoelace, measuring tape, or similar instrument wrap the fabric around the pubic mound, right behind the beginning of the shaft, all the way around behind the balls. Now pull it very tight, leaving it just loose enough to avoid feeling discomfort or restricting blood flow. Then as before, carefully marking where the fabric met, unwrap and measure the marked length. Please note that it is very common to overestimate your ring circumference when relying solely on this method.


The ball gap.

This is the distance between the cage and ring where your balls hang through. Unfortunately there is no way to directly measure for this. However, this part of your anatomy is fairly forgiving and dialing in this measurement perfectly is more likely to improve comfort over long periods of wear than make or break a cage's fit. Ideally, you want it to be tight enough to keep you in place and prevent any chance of your balls slipping out while still being comfortable. For a large percentage of people 8 - 12mm tends to work fairly well. If you have a high, tight scrotum you may consider a larger gap while those who hang low may consider something smaller.

  • For best results measure three separate times throughout the day and average the results

  • It helps to shave or trim before measuring. 

  • All measurements should be made in mm and while completely flaccid

  • All measurements should be reported accurately, it is not necessary to try to manually adjust your size in order to get the cage to fit properly. The parametric model takes everything into account when generating your cage. Please visit the FAQ page to learn more about it

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