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Correctly measuring your member is absolutely vital to get a well fitting cage. Follow the guide on this page as best you can to get an accurate number for each required measurement. For best results measure three separate times throughout the day and average the results. All measurements should be made in mm and while completely flaccid! Make sure to carefully read the guide below!

11 (1).png

The total length of your penis.

Measure from the base of your penis to the tip of your head while holding it firmly straight out from your body without stretching it.


IMG_3362 (2).jpg


The circumference of the thickest point of your shaft.

To measure the circumference, use a string or a piece of cloth to wrap gently around the thickest point of the shaft and then measure the unwrapped length.



The ring circumference.

To get this, once again use a string or piece of cloth to wrap around the pubic mound, right behind the beginning of the shaft, all the way around, behind the balls. You will want to pull it very tight, just not enough to constrict blood flow. It is extremely easy to overestimate this measurement so make sure to pull the string tight. As a general guide, anything at or above 18cm is probably too big.



The ball gap.

This is the distance between the cage and the ring where your balls hang through. There is not a great way to make this measurement and knowing what works best for you typically comes from experience. You want it to be tight enough to keep you from being able to slip your balls out but not too tight so as to restrict bloodflow. If you do not know, about .9cm tends to be a standard gap size. If you have high, tight balls, you can try 1.2cm and if you have low hanging, loose balls you can try .625cm. 

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